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Table 1 Emphysematous cystitis occurred secondary to medical intervention

From: Emphysematous cystitis following a transrectal needle guided biopsy of the prostate

Author Year Age Gender Diabetes mellitus Medical interference Complication Treatment (except antibiotics) Culture Prognosis
Kalra O.P. 1993 35 M - renal transplant chronic glomerulonephritis graft nephrectomy Klebsiella pneumoniae died
Dimitris D. 1996 59 M + orchiectomy epididymitis surgical debridement cystotomy E. coli recovered
Anwar N. 2002 57 F + peritoneal dialysis hypertension, chronic kidney disease   E. coli recovered
Van G. E. 2004 50 F No data hysterectomy vesicovaginal fistula intensive care, urinary diversion Klebsiella pneumoniae enterococcus faecalis died
Thomas A. 2006 80 M - colectomy colitis urinary drainage E. coli recovered
Yokoo T. 2007 68 F + hemodialysis hypertension, chronic kidney disease   E. coli recovered
Carla M. 2008 81 M - replace the mitral valve myocardial infraction intensive care Enterobacter aerogenes died
Mok H.P. 2010 80 F No data anterior resection of rectum data not reported   E. coli recovered
Sereno M. 2010 70 F + chemotherapy breast cancer   E. coli recovered
Lang E.K. 2011 44 M No data renal transplant hypertension, chronic kidney disease surgical debridement, nephrostomy No data not reported
present case 2012 70 M - gastrectomy, prostate biopsy benign prostatic hypertrophy urinary drainage E. coli recovered
  1. E.coli: Escherichia coli.