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Table 2 Definition of risk factors

From: Environmental and demographic risk factors for campylobacteriosis: do various geographical scales tell the same story?

Risk factor Definition
Agricultural characteristics
Ruminant density per km2 Density of ruminants (goats, sheep, dairy cattle or beef cattle) per km2 of populated area.
Poultry density per km2 Density of poultry (hens, broilers, or turkeys) per km2 of populated area.
Slaughterhouse Presence of ≥ 1 slaughterhouse handling poultry, cattle, and/or pigs under governmental inspection.
Demographic variables
Diploma (%) Percentage of people >15 years with a grade, certificate, or diploma.
Population density per km2 Total number of people living in the area out of the total area in km2.
Climate variables
Precipitation (mm) Average of daily precipitation for the study period.
Temperature (°C ) Average of the maximal and minimal daily temperature for the study period.
  1. Risk factors tested for their association with campylobacteriosis in Quebec, Canada.