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Table 1 Bacterial species, phylogenetic group of E. coli , ESBL produced, others ß-lactamase genes and associated resistance

From: Community faecal carriage of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceaein french children

Isolate number Strains Phylogenetic group ESBL type Other beta-lactamase type Associated resistance patterns*
1 E. coli A CTX-M-1 TEM-135 NONE
2 E. coli A CTX-M-1   TSU,NA
7 E. coli A CTX-M-1 TEM-1 TSU, GT
19 E. coli A CTX-M-1 TEM-1 TSU, NA, CIP
20 E. coli A CTX-M-1 TEM-1 TSU, NA, KA
8 E. coli A CTX-M-15 TEM-1 TSU, NA, GT,TM
11 E. coli A CTX-M-15 OXA-1 TSU, NA, CIP, K, GT, TM
3 E. coli A SHV-12   NA
21 E. coli A TEM-52   TSU, NA
9 E. coli B1 CTX-M-1 TEM-1 TSU
15 E. coli B1 CTX-M-1   TSU
14 E. coli B2 CTX-M-15   TSU, NA, CIP, K, GT, TM
13 E. coli D CTX-M-1   TSU, NA, CIP
22 E. coli D CTX-M-1 TEM-1 TSU, NA
6 E. coli D CTX-M-14   NA
12 E. coli D CTX-M-14 TEM-1 NA
18 E. coli D CTX-M-27 TEM-1 TSU, NA, CIP
16 E. coli** D CTX-M-32 TEM-1 NONE
  C. freundii**   CTX-M-32   NONE
  K. pneumoniae   CTX-M-14 SHV-1 TSU
  1. *TSU, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; NA, nalidixic acid; CIP, ciprofloxacin; GT,gentamicin; KA, kanamycin; TM, tobramycin.
  2. **same patient.