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Figure 6

From: Modeling the impact of air, sea, and land travel restrictions supplemented by other interventions on the emergence of a new influenza pandemic virus

Figure 6

Daily incidences for different control measures vs. days for the mild ( R 0 =1.1 ) and the severe ( R 0 =1.7 ) scenarios. The absences and the presences of the uses of the antiviral and hospitalization are illustrated in the left-hand column (A, C, E, and G) and in the right-hand column (B, D, F, and H), respectively. The first and the third panels (A, B, E, and F), and the second and the forth panels (C, D, G, and H) illustrate the 90% and the 99% restriction re-scalings, respectively. Day one was taken to be March 11, 2009 (the time of the first global case onset). The solid lines represent the average cases; the dotted lines represent the corresponding lower and upper bounds of the 95% non-parametric confidence intervals; AH = antiviral and hospitalization.

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