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Figure 5

From: Modeling the impact of air, sea, and land travel restrictions supplemented by other interventions on the emergence of a new influenza pandemic virus

Figure 5

Daily incidences for different control measures vs. days at the baseline scenario ( R 0 =1.4 ). The absences and the presences of the uses of antiviral and hospitalization are illustrated in the left-hand column (A and C) and in the right-hand column (B and D), respectively. The upper panel (A and B) and the lower panel (C and D) illustrate the 90% and the 99% restriction rescaling, respectively. Day one was taken to be March 11, 2009 (the time of the first global case onset). The solid lines represent the average cases; the dotted lines represent the corresponding lower and upper bounds of the 95% non-parametric confidence intervals; AH = antiviral and hospitalization.

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