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Figure 2

From: Aedes albopictus in Lebanon, a potential risk of arboviruses outbreak

Figure 2

Phylogenetic relationships among Ae. albopictus based on the combined analysis of the three mtDNA genes: cytb, COI and NADH5. The analysis was performed using PhyML (Guindon & Gascuel, 2003). The significance of internal branches was evaluated using 1000 bootstrap replications. The tree includes one Lebanese specimen (Sarba) and 13 others derived from Mousson et al. (2003) which have the following accession numbers for the cytb, COI and ND5 genes: Sarba JX912501, JX912500, JX912502; Represa do Cigano AJ970990, AJ971003, AJ971016; Hanoi AJ970991, AJ971004, AJ971017; Jacksonville AJ970992, AJ971005, AJ971018; Seam Reap AJ970993, AJ971006, AJ971019; Diego Suarez AJ970994, AJ971007, AJ971020; Montsecret AJ970995, AJ971008, AJ971021; Naintre AJ970996, AJ971009, AJ971022; Nha Trang AJ970997, AJ971010, AJ971023; La Possession AJ970999, AJ971012, AJ971025; La Providence AJ971000, AJ971013, AJ971026; Sao Luis AJ971001, AJ971014, AJ971027; Chiang Mai AJ971002, AJ971015, AJ971028 and Oahu AJ970998, AJ971011, AJ971024, used as outgroup.

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