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Table 1 Unit health resource costs and lost productivity

From: Retrospective epidemiological study for the characterization of community- acquired pneumonia and pneumococcal pneumonia in adults in a well-defined area of Badalona (Barcelona, Spain)

Resource Unit cost (€)
Health resources
Medical visits  
Primary care 22.74
Emergency room 115.23
Specialist 102.36
Hospitalization (one day) 314.61
ICU (one day) 532.92
Complementary tests
Laboratory tests 21.86
Conventional radiology 18.14
Diagnostic/therapeutic tests 36.45
Pharmacological treatments RPM
Cost per lost workday 54.65
  1. Source of health resources: analytical accounting. Values expressed as means in euros.
  2. RPM: Retail Price of Medicines at the time of prescription.