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Table 2 Availability of infection control procedures in 41 EDs and MADs in 14 European Countries

From: Infection control management of patients with suspected highly infectious diseases in emergency departments: data from a survey in 41 facilities in 14 European countries

  No. (%)
Number of EDs/MADs surveyed 41 (100)
General infection control procedures
Availability of a general waiting area large enough for the safe distancing between attending persons (at least 1 meter/3 feet) 14 (34,1)
Availability of a reserved/separated waiting areas for suspected patients (e.g. patients with fever and cough) 22 (53,6)*
Availability of plans for the implementation of waiting areas if necessary 28 (68,3)
Specific infection control procedures for suspected HIDs
Availability of (or easy access to) specific PPE 38 (92,7)
Availability of specific protocols for the management of suspected HIDs 35 (85,4)
   including criteria for initial diagnostic suspect 32 (78,0)
   including initial diagnostic work-up 27 (65,8)
   including basic infection control measures 35 (85,4)
   including initial medical treatment 20 (48,8)
   including steps for alerting and notifying 32 (78,0)
Existence of a dedicated route from ED/MAD to isolation ward for suspected HIDs 25 (61,0)
   if yes, by-passing other common areas 21 (51,2)
   if yes, the transport is performed by:  
stretcher isolator 8 (19,5)
special ambulance through an external pathway 3 (7,3)
different procedures depending on risk assessment 9 (21,9)
with a normal stretcher, without special procedures 5 (12,2)
  1. * not routinely used in all surveyed EDs/MADs