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Table 2 Predefined and postdefined symptoms and syndromes of infectious disease

From: The KIzSS network, a sentinel surveillance system for infectious diseases in day care centers: study protocol

Predefined symptoms Predefined syndromes Postdefined syndromes
Symptom Definition Symptom Definition Syndrome Definition
Fever Sudden onset of fever (≥ 38°C) and/or warm to the touch with suspicion of fever with or without other symptoms Chickenpox Sudden rash of small red bumps, followed by itchy blisters and crust Gastroenteritis Diarrhea and/or vomiting
Ear ache Sudden onset of aching ear, with or without listlessness and ear infection confirmed by physician or parent(s) Impetigo Expanding small red papules followed by a honey-colored crust. Influenza-like illness Fever with ≥ 1 general symptoms (headache and/or febrile feeling and/or listlessness) and ≥ 1 respiratory symptoms (coughing and/or runny nose and/or throat ache)
Runny ear Light yellow, watery purulent discharge from ear that may or may not smell Common cold Sudden onset of continuous sneezing and/or coughing and/or headache and/or throat ache and/or coughing with or without fever (≥ 38°C) Otitis media Ear ache and/or runny ear with fever and/or common cold
Diarrhea Sudden, non-chronic, onset of > 3 episodes of watery stools per day Eye infection Red eyes and swollen eyelids with or without yellow/green mucal discharge from eye   
Vomiting Sudden, non-chronic, onset of > 3 emetic episodes per day     
Coughing Sudden and frequent occurring tussis     
Exanthema Spots on skin, rash     
Other symptoms -