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Table 1 Laboratory strains used for determining the specificity of the LAMP assay and aligned sequences for designing primers

From: Rapid, simple, and sensitive detection of the ompB gene of spotted fever group rickettsiae by loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Members of the order Rickettsiales The related species Aligned sequences
Rickettsia prowazekii Bartonella henselae Astrakhan rickettsia (AF123708.1)
Rickettsia typhi Bartonella quintana Israeli tick typhus rickettsia (AF123712.1)
Orientia tsutsugamushi (types Karp, Kato and Gilliam)   Rickettsia mongolotimonae (AF123715.1)
Anaplasma phagocytophilium strains Webster, MRK, Slovienie and MD Other common clinical pathogenic bacteria Rickettsia parkeri (AF123717.1)
Rickettsia sibirica Coxiella burnetii Rickettsia sp. S (AF123720.1)
Rickettsia conorii Borrelia burgdorferi (2) a Rickettsia conorii strain Seven (AF123721.1)
Rickettsia honei strain marmionii Escherichia coli (3) a Rickettsia sibirica (AF123722.1)
Rickettsia akari Vibrio cholerae Rickettsia conorii strain Indian tick typhus rickettsia (AF123726.1)
Rickettsia rickettsii Bacillus anthracis Rickettsia heilongjiangensis (AY260451.1)
Rickettsia africa Haemophilus influenzae (2) a Rickettsia heilongjiangensis variant extremiorientalis (AY280712.1)
Rickettsia parkeri Listeria spp. Rickettsia sp. BJ-90 outer (AY331393.1)
Rickettsia japonica Legionella spp. Rickettsia mongolotimonae isolate URRMTMFEe65 (DQ097083.1)
Rickettsia slovaca Yersinia pestis Rickettsia rickettsii strain Dv090589 (GU395293.1)
Rickettsia aeschlimannii Shigella dysenteriae (3) a Rickettsia sibirica strain RH05 (HM050273.1)
Rickettsia montanensis Neisseria meningitides Rickettsia rickettsii (X16353.1)
Rickettsia helvetica Leptospira spp. Rickettsia japonica (AB003681.1)
Rickettsia felis   Rickettsia africae (AF123706.1).
Rickettsia australis   
Rickettsia canadensis   
Rickettsia bellii   
Rickettsia heilongjiangensis   
Ehrlichia chaffeensis   
  1. Note: a: The number in brackets indicates the number of the isolates used in the study.