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Table 2 Prevalence of Lactobacillus species detected using broad range PCR among a subset of culture samples*

From: Detection of hydrogen peroxide-producing Lactobacillus species in the vagina: a comparison of culture and quantitative PCR among HIV-1 seropositive women

Species Number of samples with species detected1n = 16
L. gasseri 13 (81)
L. crispatus 2 (13)
L. iners 2 2 (13)
L. johnsonii 2 (13)
L. coleohominis 1 (6)
L. oris 1 (6)
L. reuteri 1 (6)
L. rhamnosus 1 (6)
  1. *Samples from women with high quantities of H2O2-producing Lactobacillus by culture (≥ 106 CFUs), but were negative for both L. crispatus and L. jensenii in CVL by qPCR.
  2. 1Percent total >100% since several isolates contained more than one species.
  3. 2H2O2-functionality was reassessed for the 2 isolates that were identified as L. iners. No H2O2-production was observed.