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Table 1 Sensitivity and specificity of OraQuick® test

From: Field comparison of OraQuick® ADVANCE Rapid HIV-1/2 antibody test and two blood-based rapid HIV antibody tests in Zambia

Compared to HIV infected1, N = 4,391
Sensitivity (95% CI) 98.7% (97.5%–99.4%)
Specificity (95% CI) 99.8% (99.6%–99.9%)
Positive Predictive Value (95%CI) 99.1% (98.1%–99.7%)
Negative Predictive Value (95%CI) 99.8% (99.5%–99.9%)
  1. 1HIV infected as defined by both a positive Determine® and Uni-GoldTM test result and/or self reported positive status prior to testing with a positive Determine® or OraQuick® test result.