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Table 3 Multivariate* linear regression analysis: the potential effect of various confounding factors on aortic distensibility in the total study population (HIV-infected persons and controls)

From: Impaired distensibility of ascending aorta in patients with HIV infection

  Beta coefficient P-value
Obesity (yes vs. no) -0.053 0.05
Triglycerides (mg/dl) -0.00006 0.36
Total Cholesterol (mg/dl) -0.0003 0.09
Systolic pressure (mm Hg) -0.002 0.08
Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) -0.003 0.03
Hb values (gr/dl) +0.008 0.13
Creatinine (mg/dl) +0.07 0.19
HIV seropositivity (yes vs. no) -0.45 <0.001
  1. HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; Hb, hemoglobulin.
  2. Beta coefficient expresses the mean difference in distensibility. Positive sign corresponds to protective effect while minus sign to decreased distensibility.
  3. *All the significant variables of Table 2 (with p<0.05) were included. When the same characteristic was reported as both continuous and categorical, the continuous variable was preferred, (e.g. cholesterol in mg/dl vs. hypercholesterolemia).