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Table 3 Association between male circumcision, smoking, and cervical human papillomavirus infection by number of sexual partners

From: Predictors of human papillomavirus infection in women undergoing routine cervical cancer screening in Spain: the CLEOPATRE study

  HPV infection POR (95% CI) P-value of interaction*
1 sexual partner ≥2 sexual partners
Current partner circumcised    0.005
 No (reference) 1.0 1.0  
 Yes 1.6 (1.0–2.7) 0.6 (0.4–0.9)  
Tobacco smoking status    0.01
 Never/ex-smoker (reference) 1.0 1.0  
 Current smoker 1.1 (0.7–1.7) 2.0 (1.6–2.5)  
  1. POR, prevalence odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
  2. *Log-Likelihood test.
  3. Model adjusted for age, Autonomous Community, country of birth, marital status, level of education, smoking habits, lifetime number of sexual partners, and history of genital warts.
  4. Bold font indicates a significant effect (P<0.05).