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Table 7 Respondents perception on ACT use in treatment of malaria

From: Factors associated with non-adherence to Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) to malaria in a rural population from holoendemic region of western Kenya

Perception Frequency Percentage (%)
ACT (Coartem) treats malaria 45 15.2
ACT (Coartem) do not treat malaria 13 4.4
People adhere to ACT (Coartem prescription) 29 9.8
Duration of treatment is too long hence non-adherence 28 9.5
ACT tablets are too many hence non-adherence 85 28.7
ACT (Coartem) has bad taste, smell and color 86 29.1
People do not adhere since when they start feeling better, they forget and discontinue treatment 10 3.4
  1. Legend: Most of the respondents reported that ACT had bad taste, smell and color (29.1 %) and numbers of ACT tablets taken were too many (28.7 %) but it cures malaria. Only 4.4 % were not content with the drug.