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Table 1 Data elements

From: Population-based cohort study of outpatients with pneumonia: rationale, design and baseline characteristics

1. At time of CAP episode 2. Discharge Data 3. Follow-up -Data
Personal identifier Personal identifier Personal identifier
personal health number personal health number personal health number
Comorbid illness   Comorbid illness
asthma   asthma
heart disease   heart disease
diabetes   diabetes
cancer   cancer
chronic renal failure   chronic renal failure
dementia   dementia
seizures   seizures
stroke   stroke
psychiatric disorder   psychiatric disorder
HIV positive   HIV positive
Pneumonia Severity Index
Concomitant medications   Concomitant medications
indications   indications
type   type
dose   dose
Independent Variables Disposition Primary Outcomes
hypoxemia, functional status, smoking status, laboratory and diagnostic imaging: (hematology, biochemistry, arterial blood gas, radiographs) Microbiology discharge disposition discharge destination Inpatient encounters; admission and discharge dates, diagnostic and procedure codes (ICD-9/10) Physician claims; date and location of service, diagnostic Code (ICD-9/10), provider specialty ambulatory care; date, location of service, Diagnostic and procedure codes (ICD-9/10) Medication Use (> = 65 years); formulary service, prescription date, quantity