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Table 1 Criteria for participant inclusion and exclusion

From: A multicentre randomised controlled trial evaluating lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in older people admitted to hospital: the PLACIDE study protocol

  · people aged ≥65 years and admitted to hospital
Inclusion criteria · exposed to one or more antibiotics within the last 7 days or are about to start antibiotic treatment
  · consultant approval to invite patient to join the study
  · diarrhoea present1
  · immunocompromise2
  · severe illness requiring high dependency or intensive care3
  · prosthetic heart valve
  · C. difficile in past 3 months
Exclusion criteria · active inflammatory bowel disease4
  · suspected acute pancreatitis5
  · known compromised gut blood supply6
  · jejunal tube in situ or receiving jejunal feeds
  · previous adverse reaction to probiotics
  · unwilling to discontinue exiting use of probiotics
  1. 1Defined as 3 or more watery or loose stools (Bristol Stool Form Scale types 5–7) in a 24 h period. 2Sufficient to require isolation and barrier nursing. 3Planned admission to these facilities for observation only is not an exclusion criteria. 4Required specific treatment in past 12 months. 5Abdominal pain with serum amylase/lipase ×3 institutional upper limit of normal. 6Abnormality or disease of mesenteric vessels or coeliac axis.