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Table 1 Definitions and instruments of the health status sub-domains measured by the Nijmegen Clinical Screening Instrument

From: The health status of Q-fever patients after long-term follow-up

Domain Sub-domain Definition Instruments
Symptoms Subjective symptoms The patient's overall burden of pulmonary symptoms PARS-D Global Dyspnea Activity, Global Dyspnea Burden (15)
  Dyspnoea emotions The level of frustration and anxiety a person experiences when dyspnoeic DEQ Frustration, Anxiety (15)
  Fatigue The level of experienced fatigue CIS Subjective fatigue (16)
Functional impairment Behavioural impairment The extent to which a person cannot perform specific and concrete activities as a result of having the disease SIP Home Management, Ambulation (17)
  Subjective impairment The experienced degree of impairment in general and in social functioning QoLRiQ General Activities (18)
Quality of Life General Quality of Life Mood and the satisfaction of a person with his/her life as a whole BDI Primary Care (19) Satisfaction With Life Scale (20)
  Health-related Quality of Life Satisfaction related to physiological functioning and the future Satisfaction Physiological Functioning, Satisfaction Future (15)
  Satisfaction relations Satisfaction with the (absent) relationships with spouse and others Satisfaction spouse, Satisfaction social (15)
  1. PARS-D: Physical Activity Rating Scale-Dyspnea; DEQ: Dyspnea Emotions Questionnaire; CIS: Checklist Individual Strength; SIP: Sickness Impact Profile; QoLRiQ: Quality of Life for Respiratory Illness Questionnaire; BDI: Beck Depression Inventory