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Table 1 Absenteeism and percent of hours lost due to own illness or disability attributed to influenza in employed persons 15 years of age and older

From: Statistical estimates of absenteeism attributable to seasonal and pandemic influenza from the Canadian Labour Force Survey

Season/Wave Length of Period % of Hours Worked that were Lost Due to Own Illness or Disability % of Potential Hours Worked that were Lost Due to Own Illness and Attributed to Influenza1 % of Hours Lost that were Attributable to Influenza Estimated % of Employees Absent due to Influenza per Period (Wave/Season)1
   Seasonal Annual (12 months) 2.9% 0.08% 3% 11.5%
   H1N1/09 Pro-rated to annual
3.1% 0.19% 6% 13.4%
   Spring 4 months (May-Aug09) 2.8% 0.12% 4% 2.9%
   Fall 4 months (Sept-Dec09) 3.2% 0.47% 15% 10.5%
   Oct-09 1 month 3.2% 0.59%2 18% 3.3%
   Nov-09 1 month 3.9% 1.25%2 32% 6.7%2
   Dec-09 1 month 3.0% 0.05% 2% 0.3%
  1. 1 The attribution to influenza was estimated on an annual basis, as described in the methods sections. Monthly estimates were calculated as the model-predicted estimate less estimated baseline and agree with the influenza-attributed time series in Figure 4.
  2. 2 The number of hours lost or number of absences reported for the indicated reference weeks were significantly above the estimated baseline (95% confidence level). The excess for these months is not shown in this table, though can be seen in Figures 4 and 5.