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Table 1 Interpretation of Speed-oligo Mycobacteria results

From: Multi-centre evaluation of the speed-oligo Mycobacteria assay for differentiation of Mycobacteriumspp. in clinical isolates

Microorganism Specific line(s) a
M. chelonae /M. abscessus complex TL1
M. gordonae TL2
M. kansasii TL3
M. tuberculosis complex (M. tuberculosis, M. africanum, M. bovis, M. microti) TL4 or TL4 + TL3
M. avium /M. intracellulare /M. scrofulaceum group TL5
M. fortuitum TL6
Mycobacterium genus TL7
  1. aDepending on the mycobacterium present in the sample, signals will be observed in indicated lines. According to the manufacturer, TL4 and TL4 + TL3 are interpreted as M. tuberculosis complex.