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Table 1 The estimated prevalence of malaria in patients who are suspected of malaria by a clinical officer or physician at the out-patient department of the local rural hospital using local microscopy, ParaCheck Pf® and quality control microscopy.

From: Reducing malaria misdiagnosis: the importance of correctly interpreting Paracheck Pf®"faint test bands" in a low transmission area of Tanzania

Diagnostic Method Estimated Prevalence
Local Microscopy 46.4% (95% CI = 40.6%-52.2%)
ParaCheck Pf®
(If classify faint bands as -)
1.7% (95% CI = 0.2%-3.2%)
ParaCheck Pf®
(If classify faint bands as +)
25.4% (95% CI = 20.4%-30.5%)
Quality Control Microscopy 2.1% (95% CI = 0.4%-3.8%)