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Table 6 Post arrival immigration surveillance

From: A comparative examination of tuberculosis immigration medical screening programs from selected countries with high immigration and low tuberculosis incidence rates

Country Refugee Center Follow up post arrival Compliance with first follow up Consequences to not coming to follow up
United States No No -- --
Germany‡ Yes No -- --
France Yes No -- Residency permit not issued
Canada Yes Yes 49% Reflects negatively on applicant immigration success
United Kingdom Yes¥ Yes Not known No
Australia No Yes 80% No
Israel Yes -- --
Jordan No Yes Not known Residency permit not issued
Additional Countries    
Norway Yes No -- --
New Zealand Yes No -- --
Sweden Yes No -- --
Switzerland Yes No -- --
Netherlands No Yes 59%* No
  1. *compliance data for non refugee immigrant only[55]
  2. † Migrants usually stay up to 1-2 years in the absorption centers
  3. ‡Follow up post arrival is done for persons with suspicious findings, but decentralized and the information is not collected systematically at central level
  4. ¥ Asylum seeker initial accommodation rather than refugee center