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Table 3 Number of immigrants and refugees that had TB immigration screening done, the absolute number and calculated rates of active TB cases detected in 2006*

From: A comparative examination of tuberculosis immigration medical screening programs from selected countries with high immigration and low tuberculosis incidence rates

Country Number of immigrants and refugees screened Absolute number of active cases detected† Calculated number of active cases detected per 100,000 Calculated percent yield
(absolute/total × 100)
  In country Out of country    
Canada* 111,280 407,206 278 53.6 0.05%
France 205,713   143 70 0.07%
Jordan 212,428 43,414 391 153 0.15%
Netherlands 63,268   67 105 0.11%
Switzerland 8,995   11 122 0.12%
Australia 200,000 500,000 400 80 0.08%
New Zealand 126,213‡   279‡ 221 0.22%
  1. *2008 provisional data for Canada
  2. † The definition of an active cases included: smear AFB positive and or culture TB positive
  3. ‡ The number represents both in and out of country migrants and those applicants who were staying over 12 months and submitted full medical. Applicants who may have been screened with only a CXR and no medical (those people from high-incidence countries who are staying for more than 6 months but less than a year) would not have been included and the 279 represents the number of people who were defined as having an unacceptable standard of health out of the people who submitted full medical certificates likely to mean they had TB however this data was not available.