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Table 7 International comparisons of the cost-effectiveness of PCV7 (Source: Isaacman et al. 2008)

From: Impact of routine PCV7 (Prevenar) vaccination of infants on the clinical and economic burden of pneumococcal disease in Malaysia

Author (Year), Country Total Vaccine Cost per dose, €* Cost-Effectiveness
(Payer perspective), €
McIntosh et al (2005)Φ
United Kingdom
€89.33 €4,767 per LYG
Melegaro and Edmunds (2004)#
United Kingdom
€72.55 €9,607 per LYG
Ray et al (2006)§
United States
€51.72 €14,750 per LYG
Wisløf et al (2006)^
€56.30 €159,503 per LYG
  1. *Includes administration costs and costs of adverse events. Costs were converted to euros.
  2. Φ Costs were discounted 6%, benefits 0%
  3. # IPD rates were adjusted to reflect serotype distribution in the United Kingdom. Vaccine efficacy was 63% to 87% for the first 5 years. A lifetime analysis was performed, and a 3-dose schedule was used. Pneumococcus was responsible for 48% of pneumonia cases.
  4. § Vaccine efficacy was 2.7% to 3.2% for simple otitis media, 14.4% to 16.9% for complex otitis media, and 59% to 72% for IPD. The indirect effect did not include the effect on pneumonia or otitis media.
  5. ^ Indirect effects were modified to reflect serotypes in Norway: 8.9% in those aged 20 to 39 years; 12.9% in those aged 40 to 64 years; and 22.9% in those aged ≥ 65 years