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Table 1 Typing of vaginal Lactobacillus isolatesa

From: Extended antimicrobial treatment of bacterial vaginosis combined with human lactobacilli to find the best treatment and minimize the risk of relapses

Woman b Isolate species REP-PCR type RAPD-PCR type RAPD-PCR type
     RAPD3 RAPD4
C 4B1, 4R4, 4R5, 4R6, 4M6 L. crispatus 1 I A
D 5B1, 5B2, 5B3, 5R4, 5R5, 5R6, 5M7, 5M8, 5M9 L. gasseri 2   
E 6B1, 6B2, 6B3, 6R4, 6R5, 6R6, 6M9 L. gasseri 3   
  6M7, 6M9 L. gasseri 4   
F 7B1, 7B2, 7B3, 7R4, 7R5, 7R6, 7M7, 7M8, 7M9 L. gasseri 5   
G 8B1, 8B2, 8B3, 8R4, 8R5, 8R6, 8M7, 8M8, 8M9 L. crispatus 6   
H 9R4, 9M7, 9M8, 9M9 L. crispatus 7   
J 12B1, 12B2, 12B3, 12R4, 12R5, 12R6, 12M7, 12M8, 12M9 L. jenseneii 8   
K 13B1, 13B2, 13B3, 13R4, 13R5, 13R6, 13M7, 13M8, 13M9 L. crispatus 9   
L 15R4, 15R5, 15R6, 15M7, 15M8, 15M9 L. gasseri 10   
M 16B1, 16R5, 16R6 L. gasseri 11   
  16B2 L. crispatus 12   
N 18B1, 18B2, 18B3, 18R4, 18R5, 18R6, 18M7, 18M8 L. crispatus 13   
P 20B31, 20B32, 20B33, 20R34, 20R35, 20R36, 20M39 L. gasseri 14   
  20M37, 20M38 L. gasseri 15   
Q 21R44, 21R45, 21R46, 21M47, 21M48, 21M49 L. crispatus 1 II A
R 22B41, 22B42, 22R45, 22M48, 22M49 L. jenseneii 16   
S 23B31, 23B32, 23B33, 23R34, 23R35, 23R36, 23M37, 23M38, 23M39 L. crispatus 1 II B
  1. a The different REP-PCR types were numbered from 1 to 16. Isolates from women 4, 21 and 23 were further differentiated by RAPD-PCR with primer 3 (type I and II) and RAPD 4 (type A and B).
  2. b Nomenclature according to Vásquez et al 2002.