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Table 1 Characteristics of eligible studies included in a meta-analysis of prolonged infusion versus intermittent infusion of β-lactams in hospitalized patients

From: Does prolonged β-lactam infusions improve clinical outcomes compared to intermittent infusions? A meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized, controlled trials

Study Country Setting Sample Size Type of Infection Mean Age (range) Mean APACHE II Score (range) Definition of Clinical Cure
Angus 2000 Thailand Not specified 21 Septicemia, meliodosis NA (27-73) NA (3-27) Not specified
Bodey 1979 USA Non-ICU 204 Bacteremia, pneumonia, UTI†, neutropenic Fever Not specified Not specified Disappearance of all clinical and laboratory evidence of infection at the time administration of antibiotics was discontinued
Buck 2005 Germany Non-ICU 24 Various 60.3 (32-88) Not specified Improvement of clinical and laboratory signs of infection: resolution of fever, decreased CRP, normalized leukocytes, CXR resolution
Georges 2005 France ICU 50 Pneumonia, bacteremia 48.0 Not specified Complete resolution of infectious signs without further need for antibiotics
Hanes 2000 USA ICU 32 Pneumonia 34.5 11.6 Complete resolution of all signs/symptoms of pneumonia, or improvement in 1+ signs/symptoms of pneumonia
Kojika 2005 Japan Not specified 10 Abdominal abscesses 63.7 (43-85) 12.5 (9-21) Afebrile and normalized white blood cell count
Lagast 1983 Belgium Not specified 45 Septicemia Not specified Not specified Disappearance of all clinical and laboratory evidence of infection
Lau 2006 USA ICU 262 Abdominal infections 49.8 (18-95) 7.9 (0-31) Complete resolution of clinical signs and symptoms or improvement (reduction of majority of signs and symptoms and no new signs of infection)
Lubasch 2003 Germany Not specified 81 COPD†† exacerbations 65.3 Not specified Recurrence to situation before exacerbation
Merchant 2008 USA, Europe ICU 531 Pneumonia 51.5 NA (8-29) Microbiologic and clinical response
Nicolau 2001 USA ICU 41 Pneumonia, bacteremia 51.1 14.7 Complete resolution of pneumonia or lack of progression of abnormalities on chest radiograph
Rafati 2006 Iran ICU 40 Pneumonia, bacteremia, UTIs, SSI, abdominal infections 49 15.3 Change in APACHE II score, afebrile, normalization of WBC
Roberts 2007 Australia ICU 57 Septicemia 47.4 17.6 Disappearance of all signs and symptoms related to the infection
Van Zanten 2006 Netherlan ds Not specified 93 COPD exacerbations 66.0 (34-76) Not specified Infiltrate improvement on x-ray, clinical improvement, and no need for antibiotic treatment within 48 h after cefotaxime discontinuation
  1. †Urinary tract infection; ††chronic obstructive pulmonary disease