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Table 1 Description of water supply, sanitation, environment and health facilities in schools selected for the study

From: Knowledge attitudes and practices of grade three primary schoolchildren in relation to schistosomiasis, soil transmitted helminthiasis and malaria in Zimbabwe

Condition Schools in Rural area Schools in the Commercial farming area
  Nyamaropa Valhalla Msapa Kaswa
Water source at school Means of waste disposal Tape Borehole Absent
Type of sanitary facilities VIPs Pit latrine Poor pit latrine Pit latrine
Wash up point after toilet Concrete tank present fixed with a tape but with no water Absent Absent Absent
Hand washing soap on basin Absent Absent Absent Absent
Means of waste disposal Rubbish dump Rubbish dump Absent Rubbish dump
Nearest health facility Hospital 10 km Clinic 3.5 km Clinic 500 m Clinic 5 km