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Table 1 Checklist of criteria for assessing the quality of MRSA prevalence surveys

From: MRSA prevalence in european healthcare settings: a review

Number Name Content
1 Outcome definition Was a valid definition given of the outcome for prevalence, colonization and infection?
2 Time unit Was the endpoint calculated for a standardized time unit (daily, monthly, yearly)?
3 Target population Was the target population specified by inclusion or eligibility criteria?
4 Participants Was the number of included cases reported, e.g. by describing the numbers and reasons for non-participation?
5 Observer bias Were sources of potential imprecision reported and/or have consequences been discussed?
6 Screening procedure Were measures described that had been undertaken for standardization of screening measurements?
7 Swabbing sites Have routine surveillance cultures included the anterior nares (or nostrils or nose) and the throat?