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Table 1 Health service coverage of Addis Ababa by sub cities, 2009.

From: Mortality and associated risk factors in a cohort of tuberculosis patients treated under DOTS programme in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sub cities Health Service Coverage in% Remark*
Kolfe 16 Low
Nifas silk-Lafto 22 Low
Yeka 33 Low
Adisketema 35 Medium
Gullele 35 Medium
Bole 40 Medium
Arada 50 Medium
Kirkos 50 Medium
Akaki 60 High
Lideta 66 High
Addis Ababa 34.7  
  1. Source: Addis Ababa City Administrative Health Bureau
  2. *Working definition to enable us to stratify the sub cities.