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Table 5 Model parameters for the 2003/2004 influenza epidemic in Switzerland

From: Reconstructing the 2003/2004 H3N2 influenza epidemic in Switzerland with a spatially explicit, individual-based model

Relative susceptibility  
Individuals aged 20 or younger 100%
Individuals older than 20 50%
Vaccination efficacy 80%
Doses 1.31 million
Severity of infection (frequency)  
Severe and moderate cases 50%
Mild and asymptomatic cases 50%
Course of infection  
Incubation period 1 day
Infectious period 7 days
Relative and absolute infectiousness  
Severe and moderate cases 100%
Mild and asymptomatic cases 50%
Relative infectiousness over time lognormal decay with δ[log(d)]= -0.72 and γ[log(d)]= -1.8
Absolute per-contact infection probability (averaged over infectious period and assuming 100% infectiousness and 100% susceptibility) 1.1693 10-2