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Figure 4

From: Fever screening during the influenza (H1N1-2009) pandemic at Narita International Airport, Japan

Figure 4

Age distribution and correlation of age with axillary temperature among the screened passengers (n = 1,049). (A) Age distribution of the screened passengers from 1 September 2009 to 31 January 2010. The screened passengers represent those who fulfilled one of the following selection criteria: (a) those who self-reported some symptom or actively visited the health consultation room of the quarantine station; (b) relatives or friends of self-reporting individuals; or (c) those who were detected by an infrared thermoscanner (based on a predefined threshold reading of 35.4°C). (B) Scatter plot of the axillary temperatures as a function of the age of the screened passengers. The straight line is a fitted line by means of a least squares regression (prediction = 37.9-0.011x, where x is the passenger age). The adjusted coefficient of determination, R2, is 0.038.

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