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Figure 1

From: Ureaplasma parvum infection alters filamin a dynamics in host cells

Figure 1

Proteome profiling of F344 rat tissues inoculated with sterile broth or U. parvum. Panels A and B represent the percent of proteins assigned to each biological function group. Gene ontology designations were obtained from the Uniprot/Swissprot Database. Protein ratios of each specific protein are from UTI and Struvite groups divided by the Negative group (n = 3). Graph A shows the distribution of protein ratios that exhibited a significant difference by Pro Group™ algorithm (P < 0.05). **Biological function categories that were determined to be significantly different by enrichment analysis. Graph B shows the distribution of protein ratios that were not significantly different between Negative group and groups that were culture positive for U. parvum (UTI and Struvite). Panel C is a hierarchical cluster of standardized least squares means that were significantly different (P < 0.02) among Negative, Struvite, and UTI groups. Ratios generated with the ProGroup™ algorithm were analyzed by ANOVA (n = 3) with a false discovery rate α = 0.05.

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