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Table 1 Model parameters

From: Dynamic models of pneumococcal carriage and the impact of the Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine on invasive pneumococcal disease

  Base case Range Source
Duration of carriage (days):    [41, 42]
0-1 y 72   
2-4 y 28   
5-17 y 18   
18+ y 17   
cV 0.5 0-1 [41]
cN 0.85* 0.5-1 *Fitted to US data
ε, mixing pattern 0.87* 0.7-0.95 *Fitted to US data
1/ω, average duration of protection 8.3 y* 5-20 y# *Fitted to US data
#95% CI estimated
γ, degree of protection 0.756* 69-84%#^ *Fitted to US data
#95% CI estimated
  1. ^duration and degree of protection are correlated; i.e. short duration is paired with high protection
  2. Transmission parameters of pneumococcal carriage for the base case and ranges used in the sensitivity analyses.