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Figure 2

From: Changes of tau profiles in brains of the hamsters infected with scrapie strains 263 K or 139 A possibly associated with the alteration of phosphate kinases

Figure 2

Comparative analysis of the level of tau protein in the brain tissues of normal, scrapie agent 263K- and 139A-infected hamsters collected at the moribund stage. A. Western blots. Same amounts of individual brain homogenate were loaded in 12% SDS-PAGE. The scrapie agents as well as normal control were shown on the top of the graphs. Tau specific immunoblots were indicated by arrows on the left and molecular mass markers were indicated to the right. B. Quantitative analyses of each gray numerical value of tau vs that of β-actin. The average values were calculated from five individual infected hamsters or four individual normal hamsters and presented as mean ± SD. Statistical differences compared with normal controls were illustrated as P < 0.05 and P < 0.01.

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