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Figure 1

From: Changes of tau profiles in brains of the hamsters infected with scrapie strains 263 K or 139 A possibly associated with the alteration of phosphate kinases

Figure 1

Western blot analysis of PrP Sc in the brain tissues of scrapie agents 263 K- and 139A-infected hamsters collected at the moribund stage. For detection of PrPSc, all tested brain homogenates were digested with a final concentration of 50 μg/ml PK at 37°C for 60 min. Same amounts of individual brain homogenate were loaded in 15% SDS-PAGE. The scrapie agents were shown on the top of the graphs. PrPSc specific immunoblots (non-, mono- and di-glycosylated PrP isoforms) were indicated by arrows on the left and molecular mass markers were indicated to the right.

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