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Table 2 Baseline parameter values used during model calibrations.

From: Current crisis or artifact of surveillance: insights into rebound chlamydia rates from dynamic modelling

Parameter Description Value (units) References
The mean number of susceptible individuals infected with chlamydia per year by an index case. 0.8-10
1/σ Average duration of natural infection. 1.25* (years) [2730]
1/σ' Average duration of infection when treated. 0.038* (years) [5]
φ Diagnostic test sensitivity. 0.50-0.92 [7]
φ' Diagnostic test specificity. 0.98-1.0 [7]
1/μ Average duration of sexual activity. 15 (years) [17, 18]
1/δ Average duration removed. 0.5-10 (years) [6, 21]
n I Number of infectives tested. Calculated  
n S Number of susceptibles tested. Calculated  
  1. *Fixed value based on references cited; † Assumption of parameter value based on references cited.