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Table 1 Historical background on the recorded outbreaks in Africa and Asia continents showing the year of outbreak, country and incriminated arthropod species.

From: Role of Culex and Anopheles mosquito species as potential vectors of rift valley fever virus in Sudan outbreak, 2007

Year of outbreak Affected country Collected arthropods Reference
1997-98 and December 2006 Kenya Culex zombaensis, Anopheles coustani, Aedes mcintoshi*, Mansonia africana, and M. uniformis [8]
1997-98 and from January to May 2007 Tanzania Aedes mcintoshi* [12]
1997-1998 Eastern Africa, Culex theileri* [11]
1977 Egypt Culex pipiens* [9, 10]
1987, 2003 Senegal Culex poicilipes* and Aedes vexans [11]
23 Oct 2000 Kingdom Saudi Arabia Culex pipiens complex, Aedes vexans arabiensis, Ae. Vittatus, Ae. (Stegomyia) nilineatus, Aedes vexans arabiensis and Culex (culex)
[13, 14, 16]
19 Oct 2000 Yemen Not defined [15]
1987, 1998 and October
Mauritania An. pharoensis, rhodesiensis, rufipes, C. antennatus, decens, neavei, perfuscus, poicilipes, quinquefasciatus*, Sandflies, Biting midges.
Culex poicilipes*, antennatus, Mansonia uniformis (2003)
[11, 34, 35]
Oct, 2007 to Jan, 2008 Sudan. Culex pipiens complex, Anopheles gambae arabiensis*, Ae. aegypti. [8, 36]
1997-98 and Dec 2006 to Feb 2007 Somalia Not defined [12]
  1. *Most abundant species in the collection.