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Table 3 Responses (%) of participants to concern statements and self-reported preacautionary measures against H1N1 Influenza.

From: Awareness, attitudes, and practices related to the swine influenza pandemic among the Saudi public

Statement No. % 95% CI
We should avoid leaving our homes nowadays. 798 51.6 49.1-54.1
If I decide to travel, swine flu may prevent me. 1,029 58.5 56.0-61.0
The government should restrict travel from and to the areas of the disease. 1,181 76.4 74.3-78.5
The government should isolate patients with swine flu in special hospitals. 1,276 82.4 80.5-84.3
The government should avoid inviting workers from areas where disease is frequent. 1,353 87.6 86.0-89.2
The government should be ready to close schools if the number of cases increases dramatically. 1,202 77.7 75.6-79.8
Wash my hands often. 893 57.7 55.2-60.2
Avoid touching my eyes, nose, or mouth. 567 36.6 34.2-39.0
Cover my nose and mouth with a tissue when I cough or sneeze. 588 38.0 35.6-40.4
I throw the tissue in the trash after I use it. 417 26.9 24.7-29.1
I use a face mask in crowded areas. 870 56.2 53.7-58.7
If I have a flu symptoms, I avoid normal activities, including work, school, travel, shopping, etc.. 398 25.7 23.5-27.9