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Table 4 Description of the 6 major clusters identified for the UK encephalitis data using hierarchical clustering.

From: Cluster analysis for identifying sub-groups and selecting potential discriminatory variables in human encephalitis

Cluster Major Characteristics Other
Cluster 1
(n = 61)
Abnormal WCC, lethargy, headache,
Abnormal protein, gastro-intestinal
symptoms, personality and behavioural
change, animal contact
Cluster 2
(n = 50)
Abnormal protein, WCC, personality and
behavioural change, fever
Animal contact
Cluster 3
(n = 44)
Personality and behavioural change,
Abnormal MRI, abnormal EEG, abnormal
protein, abnormal WCC, lethargy, headache,
gastro-intestinal animal contact
Cluster 4
(n = 21)
Lethargy, Seizure, fever, animal contact Abnormal MRI, abnormal EEG, abnormal
WCC, irritability, personality and
behavioural change, recent infection
Cluster 5
(n = 15)
Abnormal EEG, abnormal WCC, seizure,
headache, sick person contact
Cluster 6
(n = 13)
Abnormal MRI, headache Abnormal CT, abnormal protein, abnormal
WCC, lethargy, personality and behavioural
change, focal neurological abnormality,
other neurological symptoms