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Table 4 Demographic and occupational characteristics section of the questionnaire

From: Healthcare workers and health care-associated infections: knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in emergency departments in Italy

This section is designed to gather information about your socio-demographic and occupational characteristics.
A1. What is your gender? □ Male □ Female
A2. How old were you on your last birthday? _____ years
A3. What is your marital status? □ Married □ Single (never married) □ Other (specify ____)
A4. How many persons are there in your household? (not counting you) _____
A5. What is your working category in the Emergency Department (ED)? ____
A6. How many years have you been working in an ED? ____
A7. How many patients do you provide care in a day in the ED? _____
A8. How many hours per week do you work in the ED? _____