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Figure 4

From: Spiral ligament fibrocyte-derived MCP-1/CCL2 contributes to inner ear inflammation secondary to nontypeable H. influenzae-induced otitis media

Figure 4

SLF-derived MCP-1/CCL2 is associated with inner ear inflammation secondary to NTHI-induced OM in vivo. Murine temporal bones were harvested at 7 days after transtympanic inoculation of saline (A) and live NTHI (B). Immunolabeling shows MCP-1/CCL2 is highly expressed in the spiral ligaments (white arrows) and spiral limbus as well as the serous substances (black arrow) of the NTHI-inoculated mice. In contrast, it is noted that the cochlea of the saline-inoculated group weakly expresses MCP-1/CCL2 except the stria vascularis (arrowheads). Original magnification: ×50.

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