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Table 1 Micro organisms load according to the manufacturer, administration, and main characteristic of probiotic products analyzed.

From: Probiotics in the treatment of acute rotavirus diarrhoea. A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial using two different probiotic preparations in Bolivian children

Group Microorganisms Dose (twice daily) Price ($)*
GARLB L. acidophilus, 6.625 × 107 lyophilized cells/dose 8.71
  L. rhamnosus, 3.625 × 107 lyophilized cells/dose  
  B. longum, 8.75 × 106 lyophilized cells/dose  
  S. boulardii 1.375 × 107 lyophilized cells/dose  
GB S. Boulardii 4 × 1010 lyophilized cells/dose 11.43
  1. *Price corresponds to complete treatment course at the time of the study.