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Figure 1

From: The impact of single versus mixed schistosome species infections on liver, spleen and bladder morbidity within Malian children pre- and post-praziquantel treatment

Figure 1

Univariate analysis for association between single and mixed schistosomiasis infections with liver, bladder and spleen pathology as assessed by US and clinical examination at baseline (n = 2128 children). Numerical coding for pathology characteristics in the horizontal axis of Figure 1 represent the following: 1: Abnormal liver image patterns as assessed by US examination; 2: Portal Hypertension (as determined by positive PVD scores from US examination); 3: Hepatomegaly as determined by positive PSL scores from US examination; 4: Hepatomegaly as determined by MSL>2 cm from clinical examination; 5: Hepatomegaly as determined by MCL>2 cm from clinical examination; 6: Splenomegaly as determined by MCL>2 cm from clinical examination; 7: Splenomegaly as determined by MAL>2 cm from clinical examination; 8: Bladder pathology (as determined by positive global scores from US examination). US, ultrasound; PVD, portal vein diameters: PSL, parasternal line; MSL, mid-sternal line; MCL, mid-clavicluar line; MAL, mid-axillary line.

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