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Figure 2

From: Variable viral clearance despite adequate ganciclovir plasma levels during valganciclovir treatment for cytomegalovirus disease in D+/R- transplant recipients

Figure 2

CMV prophylaxis and treatment with valganciclovir in patient 7. valganciclovir dosage (red rectangle), ganciclovir plasma concentration (closed white circle: concentration measured at trough, closed white triangle: concentration measured 3 h after last dose, red line: concentration predicted by population pharmacokinetic model), CMV viremia (blue square and solid blue line), symptoms period (blue diamond), EBV viremia (green triangle and dotted green line), anti-CMV IgM and IgG (IgM: closed white square and dotted blue line, IgG: blue circle and solid blue line), anti-EBV IgM and IgG (IgM: closed white square and dotted green line, IgG: closed green circle and solid green line), CMV specific T-cell response and EBV specific T-cell response (Interferon-γ, IF-γ -: negative; IF-γ +: positive)

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