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Table 2 Migration of bacteria from the operation site through punctures in surgical gloves

From: Bacterial migration through punctured surgical gloves under real surgical conditions

Number Surgical team member Duration of wear (minutes) Location/site of perforation organisms found in the glove organisms found in the wound
1 surgeon 72 Index finger, right* CNS CNS, Strep. spp.
2 surgeon 65 between ring and little finger, left* E. coli, Proteus penneri E. coli, Proteus penneri, CNS
3 surgeon 90 Index finger, left* CNS CNS
4 surgeon 62 Thumb, left* E. coli strain A and B E. coli strain A, B and C
5 surgeon 70 Index finger, left* Enterococcus cloacae Enterococcus cloacae
6 surgeon 72 Thumb, left** M. luteus CNS, Strep. spp.
  1. Number 1-5: bacterial migration through puncture of outer glove; 6: bacterial migration from surgeon's hand through puncture of inner glove; * outer glove punctured, ** inner glove punctured