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Table 2 Interpretation of serologic markers: HBV infection status and corresponding percentages

From: Sero-prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B virus infection among health care workers in a tertiary hospital in Uganda

Serologic markers Interpretation N = 370 (%)
HBsAg Anti-HBs Anti-HBc   
Negative Negative Negative Susceptible 181 (48.9%)
Negative Positive Positive Immune after infection 85 (23.0%)
Negative Positive Negative Immune after vaccination 11 (3.0%)
Positive Negative Positive Current infection 30 (8.1%)
Negative Negative Positive Indeterminate: Four possibilities 63 (17.0%)
       i) Resolving infection (Window phase)  
       ii) Remote resolved infection with low anti-HBs  
       iii) Chronic infection with low levels of HBsAg  
       iv) False positive anti-HBc, hence susceptible.