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Figure 3

From: Altered blood glucose concentration is associated with risk of death among patients with community-acquired Gram-negative rod bacteremia

Figure 3

Adjusted estimates of overall survival in patients with GNB according to risk groups. The three risk groups are based in the quintiles of the absolute difference in glucose blood concentration with the central value of the interval with lowest mortality: low risk group (quintile 1), intermediate risk group (quintiles 2, 3 and 4), high risk group (quintile 5). Survival estimates have been adjusted for the presence of age >65 years, Charlson index ≥3, presence of immunosuppression, liver cirrhosis, urinary origin, lung origin, unknown origin, E. coli bacteremia, polymicrobial bacteremia, presence of shock and adequacy of empirical antibiotic treatment. P = 0.036 by the log-rank test for the overall comparison between groups.

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