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Table 2 Summary of CEVAG guidance statement on recommendations for influenza vaccination of all children

From: Central European Vaccination Advisory Group (CEVAG) guidance statement on recommendations for influenza vaccination in children

Consideration CEVAG recommendation
Primary target group for influenza vaccination Children
Age of vaccination From 6 months of age, with special attention to the 6-60 month age group
Method of vaccine delivery To fit within the existing vaccination schedule in the first and second year of life
Vaccination routine Annual vaccination. For the first year of vaccination, all children should receive two doses with minimum interval of 4 weeks according to the manufacturer's recommendations. In the second year, children should receive a single dose of seasonal vaccine.
  For children aged between 6 and 35 months 0.25 mL doses are administered, equivalent to half the adult dose
Commonly reported reactions following vaccination Mild soreness, redness, and swelling at injection site, fever, and aches. These symptoms usually begin soon after the injection, and last 1-2 days
Safety concerns No safety concerns have been identified with the use of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines with the exception that individuals with allergy to egg products should avoid immunisation