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Table 2 False positive and false negative Breathalyzer test results.

From: Field test of a novel detection device for Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen in cough

Patient Breath test Cough Sputum microscopy CXR report Diagnosis
P9 Positive Bloody Negative Bronchoectasis Pneumonia
P29 Positive Productive Negative Pneumonia Pneumonia
P19 Positive Dry Negative No finding Bronchitis
P31 Positive Productive Negative No finding Bronchitis
P32 Positive Purulent Negative Bronchoectasis COPD
P49 Positive Scanty Negative No finding URTI
P10 Negative Productive Negative Pneumonia Possible PTB
P22 Negative Productive AFB PTB PTB
P29 Negative Purulent AFB PTB PTB
P30 Negative Scanty Negative No finding Re-treatment PTB
P37 Negative Dry AFB No finding PTB
P39 Negative Bloody AFB Pleural effusion PTB
P42 Negative Dry AFB No finding PTB
P53 Negative Bloody AFB Disseminated TB PTB