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Table 1 Gene targets for MT-PCR respiratory virus profile 1.

From: Rapid semi-automated quantitative multiplex tandem PCR (MT-PCR) assays for the differential diagnosis of influenza-like illness

assay gene target Example reference sequencesa
INF-A Influenza A nucleoprotein A/New York/392/2004(H3N2) [GenBank NC_007366-73]; A/Sydney/05/97(H3N2) [GenBank CY039082]; A/Puerto Rico/8/34(H1N1) [GenBank NC_002016-23]; A/New Caledonia/20/99(H1N1) [GenBank AJ458265]; A/New Zealand/7/1983(H1N1) [GenBank CY020189-196]; A/Indonesia/7/2005(H5N1) [GenBank EU146637]; A/Indonesia/175H/2005(H5N1) [GenBank EU146643]; A/Viet Nam/1203/2004(H5N1) [GenBank AY818038]; A/Viet Nam/1194/2004(H5N1) [GenBank AY651498];
INF-B Influenza B nucleoprotein B/lee/40 [GenBank NC_002208.1]
H1 Influenza A haemagglutinin A/Puerto Rico/8/34(H1N1) [GenBank NC_002016-23]; A/New Caledonia/20/99(H1N1) [GenBank AJ344014] A/New Zealand/7/1983(H1N1) [GenBank CY020189-196]; A/Beijing/262/95(H1N1) [GenBank EF541421];
H3 Influenza A haemagglutinin A/Sydney/5/1997(H3N2) [GenBank CY039079]; A/Fiji/185/2004(H3N2) [GenBank EF566069/EH5041403]; A/New York/392/2004(H3N2) [GenBank NC_007366-73]; A/Aichi/2/68(H3N2) [GenBank AB295605]
H5b Influenza A haemagglutinin A/Viet Nam/LA-028/2005(H5N1) [GenBank DQ099782]c; A/Viet Nam/1203/2004(H5N1) [GenBank AY818135]c; A/Viet Nam/JP14/2005(H5N1) [GenBank EF456799]c; A/Viet Nam/1194/2004(H5N1) [GenBank EF551402]c; A/Indonesia/7/2005(H5N1) [GenBank EU146632]d; A/Indonesia/175H/2005(H5N1) [GenBank EU146640]d; A/Indonesia/5/05(H5N1) [GenBank EF541394]d;
RSV Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus polymerase (L) [GenBank NC_001781.1] (nt8509-15009)
hPIV-3e Human Parainfluenza virus type 3 nucleocapsid [GenBank NC_001796.2] (nt111-1658)
RV Human Rhinovirus 5' untranscribed region (5'-UTR) [GenBank EU700020-28]
  1. aNCBI reference sequences (NC_) cited where possible.
  2. bInfluenza profile 3 does not include H5; c "clade 1" virus; d "clade 2" virus;
  3. eInfluenza profile 1 does not include hPIV-3